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Esben_Portræt_smallI founded the company in 2010 to provide flexible IT services and advanced data analytics for former colleges and other people in my network on a part-time basis beside my post doc projects. After a while I started to realize how much value I can provide by understanding and bridging scientific research needs within drug discovery with the IT side. From 2015 onward the company has had my full focus and is today an internationally known company providing molecular machine learning and deep learning solutions for the drug discovery domain.

CEO Esben Jannik Bjerrum, PhD


Wildcard Pharmaceutical Consulting

Wildcard Pharmaceutical Consulting is offering machine learning, advanced data analysis and IT solutions to pharmaceutical and drug discovery companies. By combining domain insight with IT knowledge and specialized software, we can deliver results and the customized tools and analyses that your business needs to succeed.

By using the evolutionary rather than the revolutionary way, we can avoid costly and risk prone projects.

Based in Copenhagen we are mainly providing services to companies in the Medicon Valley area and EU.

Science Based

Wildcard Pharmaceutical Consulting supports active research and publication of scientific results. Below is a short list of some of the publications from us.


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