Excel Template Consulting

Microsoft Exceland other spreadsheet programs are ubiquitous tools, which are widely used for handling and analyzing data in research departments. Excel is well-known by the end users and it is often the first stop in the process of organizing data and data work flows. Scientists, lab technicians and regular users  can organize the templates and worksheets according to their needs. Wildcard Pharmaceutical Consulting develops templates, which can be used in research and laboratory environments.

  • Isn’t there an easier way to sort the data than manual copy and paste?
  • Why can’t I get the information directly from the database into my Excel workbook?
  • Why does the formulas always get mixed up even though I lock the sheet?
  • Why can’t this procedure be automated?

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Benefits of Using Excel Templates

Excel’s main strength is the rapid development cycle and change speed combined with the extensive user involvement in the visual appearance and formatting of the spreadsheet. Excel is a very flexible tool and it can be adapted to the project needs in an ad hoc way with little development efforts, which nevertheless adds a great deal of organization to the data handling. The in-build formulas make basic data calculations and analysis readily available. With the use of extension such as XLfit, the data analysis capabilities can be further expanded for assay data analysis.

Excel’s main strength is the rapid development cycle and change speed, combined  with the extensive user involvement in the formatting and visual appearance.

Benefits of Using External Excel Template Consulting

External excel template consultant will help you to develop an efficient template to work with. Large gains can often be obtained with simple macro solutions or logic formula programming. Reuse of data entered and consolidation of multiple excel templates can minimize manual entry of the same information over and over again. The reduced error rate in manual entry leads to improved throughput and work joy.

Excel Database Integration

Wildcard can make your data handling more effective and consistent. By integrating the existing templates with the information in the databases, the users will save much time and have a better work flow. Wildcard Pharmaceutical Consulting integrates the existing templates with the information available in corporate chemical databases. The information will be automatically retrieved and used in the analysis template. As  example, chemical information such as molecular weight, project association and other available information in the database can be retrieved via vial or plate barcode. The information is then available for calculations and analysis of laboratory data.

Preventing un-intended edits

Excel has many limitations in comparison to proper database solutions such as Oracle or Postgres. For an example the widely used data validation tool can accidentally be circumvented  by simple copy-pasting actions and locked formulas can get corrupted by cut and paste operations. Wildcard Pharmaceutical Consulting has previously worked with securing critical areas of templates via customized protection macros. This enhances the security against errors and un-intended use of the templates, with an improvement in data handling operations and increased consistency. Day to day operations are not interrupted by problems and errors with the template and data, and the risk of working with undiscovered data errors are minimized.

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