Python Programming Consulting

pythonlogoPython is a high-level object-oriented programming language which is useful for fast development of scripts and automation of tasks. Wildcard Pharmaceutical Consulting uses Python to efficiently handle and analyse data in drug discovery and scientific settings. As Python programming consultants we can help making custom work flows and customize Python based scientific programs.

Benefits of Python Programming

  • Automation of often used data workflows saves you time and lowers error rates
  • Connect other programs to unique and efficient workflows
  • Scale analysis and formatting of data to levels unachievable by manual handling
  • High level and object orientation makes it fit for extensive reuse
  • Many open souce components available, as Example RDKIT for Chemoinformatics and PyMOL for Biomolecular Visualisation

The Python programming language has lately got much attention. It has a clear syntax, object orientation, interpreted language and the indentation based block structure that makes the code easy to work with.  It is thus a good language for rapid prototyping and scripting. For more advanced data analysis, fast calculation speeds (number crunching) are often achievable through use of imported modules such as scientific Python and NumPy, which support vector calculations and advanced matrix mathematics efficiently. For prototyping Machine Learning algorithms the SKlearn package provides an efficient framework for testing out the performance of the proposed algorithms and performance often first gives in after several hundred thousand of data points. With the PLPythonU extension to the Postgres database software, it is possible to use the flexibility of Python implemented directly as database functions.

We have worked as Python Programming Consultants with Python based toolkits such as Rdkit for chemoinformaitcs and PyMOL for structural bioinformatics, but also Schrödinger software and other molecular modelling packages that have a Python scripting interface.

Python is our first choice for new projects. However, should there be reasons to use other programming languages, such as legacy code or special, unique toolkits, we are also capable of using other programming languages such as R, Matlab/octave, Delphi and C# as well as VBA macros in Excel.

If you consider to automate your often used work protocols and data handling tasks then contact us for a free and fully confidential chat!

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