New Web Page

Wildcard Consulting has launched its new web site. The site has moved to a WordPress installation which has a lot more features and options than the previous CMS system. In the process the pages have been updated, and the previous info and blog posts have been moved to ...


Chaos in Excel, Deliberately!

Yes, I deliberately put Chaos in Excel! In form of a simulation of the logistic equation which shows non-linear behaviour for certain values of the feedback constant;-) The Excel workbook is available for download and make it possible to play around with the feedback constant and hopefully get a better understanding of non-linear behaviour a.k.a. Chaos. Have fun ;-) The Logistic ...


Death from Swapping

Can Python be used for machine learning with 1.400.000 samples on a regular desktop PC? The Python programming language showed its worth for rapid model development in a machine learning open innovation challenge. However, it meets its limit when the model and the data set cannot fit in the computers main memory at the ...


Welcome Nele Plutus as Marketing Intern

Today Nele Plutus will start her 4-week internship at Wildcard Pharmaceutical Consulting. In this period she will work as a marketing intern with developing a plan and strategy for Wildcard Pharmaceutical Consulting's online presence and homepage. 


Last time a simple multiple linear regression (MLR) model was seriously overfitted to molecular solubility data. This time the concept of regularization will be tested. Recall that the MLR model was of the form: y = b1*x1 + b2*x2 + … + bi*xi + b0 Where each x correspond to the absence or presence of a particular bit in the morgan fingerprint and ...


Last blog entry the conversion between molecule and fingerprint was briefly touched upon. Now the fingerprints will be used as the basis for a simple attempt to build a solubility model using some data from the web. The file with some 1000 molecules as smiles and their aqueous solubility was downloaded from


The headline is a bit misleading as it's not fingerprints of criminals, but chemical fingerprints. Chemical fingerprinting is a way of converting drawn molecules into streams of bits, 0 and 1's. An old fingerprint type are the MACCS keys, which was developed by former MDL as a fast way of do substructure screening in molecular databases. The public version comprises ...


Rdkit is a nice cheminformatics toolkit with python bindings. Wildcard Pharmaceutical Consulting have over the years used it a lot for a couple of different projects in Python Programming. However, RDKit strives to ensure that the molecules created makes chemical sense, which can be a show stopper when working with large ...


New Office Space

From 1st september Wildcard Pharmaceutical Consulting will get a new office space at Copenhagen Bio Science Park   Wildcard Pharmaceutical Consulting Copenhagen BioScience Park Ole Maaløes Vej 3 DK-2200 Copenhagen N


Molecular mechanics treats molecules as ball and spring systems using classical mechanical physics. Molecules are modeled as ”balls on springs”, and the total conformational energy are described as a sum of spring constants, torsional terms, vdWalls interaction, Couloumbic interactions etc. This collection of terms are known as a force field, and enables fast conformational ...