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Pay it forward

MentorI have volunteered as a Mentor in the Mentor-Mentee network arranged by PharmaDanmark. The idea is to match up young professionals with more experienced seniors for professional sparring and discussion focusing on promoting the Mentees career. Pharmadanmark provided an extensive guide for a successful meetings and  including many suggestions and practical tools that can help as guides for meaningful conversation and reflections. The

Whats in it for the Mentee?

The Mentee has the hardest work to do and must be open and willing to work with the advice and suggestions from the Mentor. The Mentee can get valuable advice and feedback, new input and an opportunity to reflect on life and career wishes. The precise goal and thus the process to get there depends on the Mentees wishes, so it is important that the Mentee has already had thoughts about his or her career.

Whats in it for the Mentor?

Helping another person has value in itself. However, the Mentor also gets a wonderful opportunity to develop leadership, coaching and advisor skills as well as getting challenged by a young professionals fresh view on the pharmaceutical sciences.

The first meeting went very well, and I look forward to witness how my thought provoking questions, active listening and advice can help a young professional further in life and career. I hope to get the opportunity to use a lot of the powerful tools and techniques, such as cognitive coaching, that I’ve previously learned from my course at Commitmentlab.

More information about the Mentor-Mentee network can be found on Pharmadanmark (in Danish).silhouette-1082129_1280

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